Aira Bears Pable Cafe Series by Shoichiro Takei

Shoichiro Takei Discloses The Aira Bears Pable Cafe Series The Package of Sweets

Shoichiro Takei, the architect of the highlighted work The package of sweets :aira bears pable cafe series by Shoichiro Takei says, The story of aira bears pable cafe goes that long before humans were born. There is a small Pable Cafe in the deep forest of Aira city. Aira Bear bakes rusks diligently for animals every day. Because of the sovory smell of rusks, animals strayed into his cafe. Some of them start living with him because they cannot forget the wonderful smell of rusks. In the course of time, they come to make their own sweets. Now the cafe has many kinds of famous products such as rolled cakes, baked donuts and so on. So many animals come to there and think that "this is the best place of relief in the forest." .

Aira Bears Pable Cafe Series by Shoichiro Takei Images:


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